December 25, 2023

"I just want to be alone this Christmas! It triggers me!"

This festive season is all about work for Nadia Nakai

She has a lot to celebrate this year. She recently launched her own Bragga App where she will be uploading exclusive content, documenting her life and sharing her podcast. She also teamed up and signed a distribution deal with Ziiki Media, which will allow her access to the rest of the African continent. This Christmas is meant to be one where she celebrates her wins but it will be a cold and lonely one as rapper Nadia Nakai plans to shut the world out and be alone.




Since the death of her boyfriend Kiernan 'AKA' Forbes, who was shot outside a Durban restaurant with his friend Tebello 'Tibz' Mantsoane, it has been bitter-sweet days for Nadia. She tells ZiMoja that she has not healed at all. "Sometimes I am okay but most times I am not. I am supposed to be happy with all my achievements but I am drowning myself in work and keeping busy," she says.




The festive season for artists, is a time of travelling and gigging. Last Christmas, AKA was working, but before his gigs, they celebrated Christmas with his family at her new house. "Last year, we had them over at my place for a braai because I had just bought a new house and everyone was happy. Everyone from Kairo, my mom, uncle, his brother, his girlfriend and his mom was there and we had a great time," she says. "We cooked and had a great time. I was also working and so was Kiernan. On New Year's Eve, I was not working so I travelled with him. I had to be with him so we could have our New Year's cross-over kiss."




This Christmas, she is shutting out the world. "I have already told my family and his. I want nothing. I don't want to talk to anyone or see anyone. I just want to be alone this Christmas! It triggers me. I know my friends will try and come over, ambush me and try to cheer me up. But I just want to be alone and treat it like another day," she says, with watery eyes and clutching onto the 'Jesus Piece' necklace that once belonged to AKA. "I still vow not to take the necklace off. Where is it?? she asks in panic searching her neck for the big pendants hanging at the back of her neck. " I don't even want to think about this Christmas. I thought I had found the one and every day I am reminded by something that he is gone. So, I want nothing." For New Year's Day, she has an event in Cape Town. Nadia says the holiday season for her is usually about family and spending quality time with loved ones. "But this one is different. It's about work. I am trying to work as much as possible and distract myself." 

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