May 21, 2024

"I hate fame"

Wandile Ndlovu says she is at peace without friends

She cut off all of her friends and paused posting on social media after ZiMoja revealed that she had relocated to Lagos Nigeria to work at a strip club and returned two weeks later. Reality TV star and sex worker, Wandile Ndlovu, has set the record straight on the alleged relocation.


ZiMoja reported that Wandile had started working at Silverfox Exotic Night Club on Victoria Island in Lagos as an exotic dancer. After weeks of remaining mum about the matter and staying far from social media, she tells ZiMoja that she has been to Nigeria but she never intended to move to the West African country permanently. She says the video of her stripping in Nigeria was an old one and that only a fellow cast member on This body Works For Me, Dione Xanthe, is the one who is in Nigeria.


Wandile says she no longer wants friends. "These girls envy my life. I don't know why they keep telling lies about me." Wandi has cut off all the girls from This Body Works For Me. "Don't get me wrong, I love them. I really do, but I can't be friends with them anymore," she adds. "I apologised to everyone I wronged on the show because I wanted to start on a clean slate. But they seem to always want to include me in their drama. I am at peace, working and making moves silently. No one knows what I am up to because I am protecting my peace and I am still living here in South Africa," she adds. 


She hates fame and regrets being on a reality show. "I know I wouldn't be making the money I am making now if it wasn't for the reality show but I hate what comes with fame. I hate fame. It has brought me more problems than solutions," she says. "Every time I pray for it to go away, it always finds me. I will never do the reality show again." she says. She has been approached to be on the next season but says she turned it down. "If I could, I would even rewind everything, that is how much I hate fame. If I knew any better, I wouldn't have done it in the first place. They can do the show without me, I won't be going back."


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