February 01, 2024

“I am no longer living for myself”

Themba "Skeem GP" Lukhele says his job may be dangerous but someone has to do it
Picture: Supplied

He is the new host of the crime-busting show, Most Wanted on Moja LOVE (DStv channel 157). Themba Lukhele (Nzimade), fondly known by the street name Skeem GP, is a daring ex-con and mastermind behind some of the biggest cash-in-transits including robbery, kidnapping and impersonation of a police officer. After seven years in jail, he is reformed and is helping solve some of the unresolved crimes in the new show, Most Wanted.




He agreed to do the presenting job knowing that it might be dangerous. "I believe before you get into something, you need to know what you are getting yourself into,' he tells ZiMoja. "I have lived my life on the edge and done things induced by fear, being labelled as a kingpin and mastermind in serious robberies, there's not much of fear.' Now having turned over a new leaf and living an honest life, Themba says before every show, he tries to get into the head of both the victim and the alleged criminal. "I have a bit of both worlds, so I can tap into both,' he says.



Themba also has a YouTube podcast where he talks to ex-cons, who like him have lived on the edge. But with this show, he gets to face the criminals along with their victims. "This is not just about TV but the well-being of my family and the people that I love," he says, adding that, "We are dealing with real criminals, some who have nothing to lose. So, I am no longer living for myself, I am becoming a national asset.' Themba says he is doing the show out of passion. "I do this for the love of people. It's not about exposing people, but about getting justice," he concludes. 

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