February 12, 2024

"I am not Maria. I am just playing the character"

Thato Mashifane is a TikTok sensation
Picture: Supplied

He has gained fast gained popularity on social media since he launched his skits. Actor and comedian Thato Mashifane is known to his followers as the character of Sis Maria, a devious and jealous neighbour who is a witch, and Joyce, a mom of two living a modest life. Since his popularity, he has been booked to attend events and to host at parties.


MARIA 24/7

However, with the reward of being highly booked and popular, Thato says he is also struggling with people not being able to see the difference between his real life and the character of Sis Maria. "It's not fair," he says. "I've never been on stage as myself. I understand that because the time has not yet arrived." Thato says he recently posted a video of himself out of character and he was criticised. "People were criticising me and saying I have to stick to Maria otherwise I'm going to lose followers."




Thato would like to share other dimensions of his life outside of the skits. "As much people are supporting me and I appreciate it. I have to be Maria every day whether I like it or not and that's not possible. You never see Tyler Perry being Madea every day," he adds. "I am not Maria; I'm just playing the character. Despite that, I have my life. I have to live. I have dreams I want to achieve." Thato says he never planned to be a content creator but wanted to be a musician. He started making content after he lost his job in 2022.

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