June 20, 2024

Human Rights Commission takes suspended DA MP to court

DA suspends its Member of Parliament Renaldo Gouws

The South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) is taking DA Member of Parliament, Renaldo Gouws, to the Equality Court in the Eastern Cape. This comes after videos surfaced on social media where Gouws is heard hurling insults at black people saying they need to be killed. Soon after the videos were exposed, the DA announced this morning that they had suspended him.


All this happened less than a week after Gouws was sworn in as an MP at the National Assembly in Cape Town. The party said in a statement that they investigated and discovered that the videos were legit and not fake as they initially suspected. In a statement, the DA said: "The DA has established that the video, in which Renaldo Gouws uses execrable language, is genuine and not a fake as initially suspected. The DA Federal Executive has therefore suspended Mr Gouws with immediate effect while he faces disciplinary charges before the Party's Federal Legal Commission."


In the video, Gouws can be heard saying, "Alright so there's a couple of things I want to say. Kill the f***ng k*ffirs, kill all the f*ing n*ggers. That's all I gotta f*ing say. Kill all the k*ffirs! Kill all the f*ing n*ggers!" He did not only make one video, there were others, but the message was one, "kill the f***ng kaffirs. Gouws has since apologised for the videos and claims he didn't know better because he was young. "I refute any claims of racism or being a racist. I can, however, see how my message was distorted in the way it was delivered by me and I take full responsibility for the actions of my younger and immature self. For that, I apologise unreservedly," he said in a tweet on Tuesday.


SAHRC spokesperson, Wisani Baloyi, said in a statement that following an assessment of the content of Gouws' videos by the Commission, they have concluded that utterances allegedly made by the DA MP constitute hate speech and/or harassment. " Given Mr Gouw's position as a Member of Parliament, , his alleged actions carry even greater weight and responsibility, as he is expected to uphold and embody the principles enshrined in the Constitution, including human dignity, equality, and non-discrimination," Baloyi said.

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