April 12, 2024

Gospel singer needs funds for spinal cord surgery

Fikile Mlomo needs a spinal cord surgery
Picture: Supplied

Gospel singer Fikile Mlomo (42) is appealing for donations for her spinal cord surgery. The Ngicela Inkozo singer has been hospitalised for two months after struggling to walk and was recently diagnosed with a spinal cord tumour.




Fikile was healthy, bubbly and her usual self, but suddenly fell ill one morning with a sore back and could not walk. She was wheelchair-bound for a few weeks while doctors were doing several tests to get to the bottom of her condition. After two months in the hospital, Fikile tells ZiMoja that she was diagnosed with a spinal cord tumour, which according to Mayo Clinic, it might be caused by something in the environment such as exposure to certain chemicals. It is usually identified by an abnormal mass of tissue surrounding or within the spinal cord. According to medical research, spinal tumours can compress spinal nerves, which can lead leading to a loss of movement or sensation below the location of the tumour and this can cause changes in bowel and bladder function or permanent nerve damage.




Currently unable to pay for the surgery, Fikile has called on her gospel music industry friends for assistance. "Thinah Zungu and BI Phakathi have been leading the campaign to help raise funds for my medical care. I believe God is faithful and will see me through this.' she says. Thinah will be hosting a crowdfunding event for the singer to raise R50 000 or more. "Donations are also welcome,' she says. Fikile spent her birthday and the Easter weekend in hospital and hopes to get back to making music. "I am still blessed with my voice and will use it to worship, despite any outcome or what may happen. But I have faith.'

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