November 22, 2023

"I confronted him because he insulted me and referred to my mom's private part"

A mayor in Free State has been suspended over unruly behaviour

A mayor in the Free State, who was suspended by the ANC Secretary-General Fikile Mbalula, for allegedly threatening a resident who complained about potholes says he did that as the community member insulted him and reffered to his mother's private parts. Wearing a white vest, black shorts and flip-flops, Kopanong mayor and ANC Youth League chairperson in Free State Xolani Tseletsele went to the resident's house to warn him about his actions. "You talk too much, don't do that," Tseletsele told a resident of Jaggersfontein, Kabele Kabele in a short viral video. The confrontation happened in front of kids at Kabele's house more than two weeks ago.


Mbalula announced the mayor's immediate suspension saying that Tseletsele's actions were the opposite of what the ruling party stands for. "The ANC expresses its utmost disgust and disapproval of the unprecedented conduct by Mayor Tseletsele and consequently that immediate action must be taken against this unbecoming behaviour," Mbalua said, adding that Tseletsele's behaviour goes against the very grain of everything that the ANC ever stood for, historically, currently and going into the future, which is to serve the masses with diligence and dignity."


Mbalula said that the party has directed through its structures, that Tseletsele must be recalled immediately and subjected to disciplinary processes for his unbecoming conduct. "Such behaviour not only taints the integrity of the ANC but also undermines the dignity of our people. Comrade Tselesele will be held accountable and subjected to the Integrity Commission," Mbalula said, adding, "We know what arrogance has done to the brand and image of the ANC over the years. Gone are the days of asina valo (we fear nothing)."


In an interview with SABC News Tseletsele who is also the ANC Youth League chairperson in the Free State said he and Kalebe have made peace and have extended his apology to the public. "The incident happened on the 5th of November, where I confronted Mr Kalebe with regards to a comment he made on Facebook, where he was insulting me with my mother's private parts .I went to him but I didn't threaten him physically but we spoke about the issue of why I visited him. On the 8th of November, we both went to the police station where we resolved the issue with the police, including his parent. We both apologised to each other and made peace and vowed that it would never happen again. I further apologised for confronting him in front of his family ." he said.

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