May 23, 2024

Felix Hlophe's wife ready to welcome second wife

Felix Hlophe and his wife Tracy Smith-Hlophe

Tracy Smith-Hlophe, the wife of popular Gagasi FM breakfast show host and comedian Felix Hlophe, has confirmed that her husband will be taking a second wife and that she is working on welcoming her to their family.


In a post on social media, Smith-Hlophe admitted that at first, she was not happy about Ayanda's presence in their lives. Smith-Hlophe said "Yesterday we made a live distancing ourselves from these sick allegations. However, the matter involving Ayanda still remains private. Firstly, we would like some privacy and respect for the way we have chosen to structure our family. I have known Ayanda for a long time. At first when I met her, I was upset but as I got to know her through many dates and travels, I got to accept her. This is all new for us and we will give information once the time is right."

Felix has been talking about polygamy on his breakfast show on Gagasi FM. 

Ayanda and Tracy Smith-Hlophe


Last week, Felix told ZiMoja that he was not taking a second wife after he hinted on air that he wanted a second wife on his radio show. Felix said that the whole thing started as a joke and quickly escalated when media outlets picked it up and ran with the story. He also said that he was content and happy with his wife of six years. "This thing was just a joke and suddenly it blew," he said at the time. The comedian has since changed tune and confirmed that he was indeed taking a second wife and that his polygamous marriage will be different from the others. He said he doesn't understand why everyone is making his personal business theirs. "I don't understand why people are bothered by my choice of taking a second wife. It is not as if I can't afford my wives- each wife will be getting a mansion and two SUV's each, people must not make my business theirs,' he said.

A source close to Felix said he took time to convince Smith-Hlophe to accept Ayanda. "Felix took the route of informing his elders that he was taking Ayanda as his second wife (Mamncane). Tracy as the elder wife (Mamkhulu) had no choice but to agree. Make no mistake, Felix loves his wife very much, but he's loves Ayanda too. It's a win-win situation for everyone," said the source. Felix said: "At the moment we only ask to be left in peace. And there is no wedding. The only wedding we are having in September is our traditional wedding. Thank you." Smith-Hlophe could not be reached for comment.

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