September 20, 2023

Family rejects "cheap" lobola from soccer star

Ndabayithethwa Ndlondlo
Photo: Supplied

Orlando Pirates midfielder, Ndabayithethwa Ndlondlo, was left with egg on his face after his future in-laws flatly refused to accept R20 000 lobola from his delegation.


Ndlondlo was disappointed when his delegation returned with the R20 000 he had given them for his girlfriend and baby mama, Kgaukgelo Gulame’s lobola. According to a source, the uncles and the delegation team of the Gulame’s demanded R150 000 lobola for their bride. A source close to the Ndlondlo’s delegation said they were chased out of the house because Kgaukgelo’s family felt that he was underestimating their daughter. "Kgaukgelo and Ndlondlo have been together for many years and they have two children together. I don’t understand why her family is being unfair towards him and is demanding such a ridiculous amount." Another source who knows the couple said Kgaukgelo was disappointed that her family rejected the R20 000, "because they were still coming back with more money. This was meant to be a deposit, as a sign of seriousness and commitment to pay lobola for Kgaukgelo," added the source, who said Ndlondlo was hoping that they would ask for R40 000 at most.


Another source says Ndlondlo, who does not get along with his own father because of a strain between them, decided to ask his friends and elderly neighbours to be part of his delegation. "Maybe their price went high as soon as they realised that none of his family members were present," said the source. He is not taking the rejection kindly. "Remember his mother died and he never had a relationship with his father. He regarded them as a family because he is staying with Kgaukgelo full time and before the lobola negotiations, he hosted a traditional gathering at his house in Alberton and most of the people who attended were from her side of her family as he doesn’t have many family members,” the source said. The source said the couple was disappointed as they want to make things official and set a good example for their children. "I can imagine the embarrassment of getting excited towards the first step of your new life, only for the delegation to come back with the cash," added the source. Ndlondlo and Kgaukgelo refused to comment on the matter.

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