May 22, 2023

Exhaustion lands Sonia Mbele in hospital for two weeks

Sonia Mbele at the launch of RHOJ launch

Looking regal in an emerald green dress with a touch of white, created by a Dubai-based designer, Sonia Mbele showed no signs of being in pain as she was prancing around mingling and taking pictures with her guests. After the launch of Real Housewives of Johannesburg, Sonia quickly went into her room upstairs to sleep as she was still recovering from an illness. Overworked, stress and anxiety is what landed TV producer and actress Sonia Mbele in hospital recently. ZiMoja can reveal that the former Generations actress was hospitalised for exhaustion and was discharged only two days before the event.  




According to a close friend, Sonia had to be taken to hospital after she experienced dizzy spells. "She was lightheaded and kept looking balanced but we took it lightly," adds the friend. According to the source, the Housewives of Johannesburg producer collapsed. "Thank God she was working from home that day, and her mother and helper were at her house, both had to spring into action," adds the source. ZiMoja has learnt that she spent almost two weeks in the hospital. According to another source, Sonia suffers from hectic anxiety and she was panicking about pulling off the reality show’s premiere. The source says her anxiety became severe after she lost the show two years ago. "Sonia has a strong team consisting of young women that she is also mentoring, luckily they were also on her side in planning the event. Thanks to technology, most of the planning was done. On the day of the event, one could have sworn the event was put together by an army of event planners as nothing was out of line," the source added. Sonia apparently asked her doctor to discharge her a day before the premiere because it was going to raise eyebrows. "She did not want the launch to be about her, hence she left immediately after the event," added the source.



Sonia Mbele Films finally brought the production to millions of viewers who’ve been waiting in anticipation for the third season of Real Housewives of Johannesburg. The glamorous party which attracted the who’s who of Mzansi entertainment and business industry was held at the luxurious Marriott Hotel in Melrose Arch and people were dressed to the nines on Friday night. Sonia confirmed her admission to hospital to ZiMoja. "I take my work seriously, however, overworking and breaks in between proved to be overwhelming," she said.


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