April 14, 2024

Eva Modika said to be dating Tumelo Ramaphosa

Eva Modika and Tumelo Rmaphosa are dating
Picture: Supplied

She is one of the most popular social media influencers and female DJs in Mzansi. Eva Modika has however, through the years hidden her relationship status as she once said, she doesn't mix business and pleasure. The Limpopo-born celebrity is willing to risk it all as she is said to be dating businessman Tumelo Ramaphosa.




Tumelo is the last-born son of President Cyril Ramaphosa. He is the founder of Studex Meat, an entrepreneur, and a crypto exchange expert. According to an insider, the two have been secretly seeing each other for a few months and made it official about two months ago. "They were doing business at first through a friend, but now things have taken a turn, and they are dating." Eva is said to have been instrumental in the upcoming celebrity boxing tournament being hosted by Tumelo on 21 April. "Ye, she is very in tune with the celebrity world and has been helping him out a great deal. See, she's not just a pretty face." The friend says that Tumelo is smitten. "He can't keep his hands off her. We even saw them at Pharoah Auto's maybe he was buying her a new car."

Tumelo Ramaphosa and Eva Modika




On the evening of 13 April, Eva went live on her Instagram, with Tumelo talking in the background and answering questions from fans about his life. She also went live again at a nightclub showing his face. "All the close friends know that they are dating and it's a serious relationship. Tumelo could not be reached for comment while Eva laughed when quizzed about the steamy affair. "I don't speak about, my personal life. You know I'm a very private person. I have a brand to protect," she says. "Call Tumelo, what did he say?" she asked.

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