June 15, 2023

Drama as former RHOJ stars reunite in new reality show

Gugu Khathi and Christall Kay are still not seeing eye to eye
Photos: Instagram

Former Real Housewives of Johannesburg (RHOJ) stars and arch-rivals, Christall Kay, and Gugu Khathi have bagged another reality show to be aired on eTV next month. The two ladies who were fired from RHOJ ,after they fought during a shoot in 2021 and opened assault charges against each other, are still not seeing eye to eye. ZiMoja has confirmed with sources that already during the shoot of the new show, there was tension on set between the two stars. 


According to a source, tension is so bad between Gugu and Christall that you can "cut it with a knife". A source says the two tried to be professional and maintain a united front during the early stages of filming, but that did not last for long as past wounds seemed to be still visible. The source, who has knowledge of the production, says the two avoid each other by all means on set. "They are not on speaking terms, but they try to be civil because they both need the gig and the exposure," says the source. When it was impossible to shoot the episodes of the new show, the producers had a meeting with Gugu and Christall. "They were told to remain civil and tolerate each other or leave the reality show. None of them could leave because they need the exposure and money," says the source.


Another source says Gugu tried to reach out to Christall but she kept ignoring her. According to the source, Gugu is not there anymore, she just wanted to iron things out and put the past behind them. "Christall is not about that life, she is hurt and emotionally disturbed about the whole assault incident that left her bleeding and with a blue eye," says the source. The source says Christall made it clear that she wants nothing to do with Gugu and they have nothing in common besides being on the show. "She does not even entertain her or share jokes with her. She just comes in, shoots and leaves. She only speaks to the production team when spoken to," adds the source. When asked about the show and what working with Gugu was like, Christall said: "The show will be announced soon, I have no comment when it comes to Gugu," she said. Gugu refused to comment.

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