June 20, 2024

Lula Odiba leaves YFM for greener pastures

Lula Odiba joins 5FM
Picture: Supplied

DJ, MC and award-winning broadcaster Lula Odiba, real name Keletso Bonolo Modiba, is leaving YFM after five years to join the team at 5FM.




She made up half of The Lunch League show with Fresh Caddy but will bid him farewell at the end of the month. "uCaddy uzozibona (Caddy will see for himself)," she chuckled. "I am not sure what will happen or who will replace me, but I am so grateful for the opportunities given to me by YFM. Me leaving and growing was always part of the plan." She holds great memories of her time at YFM. "I remember my first year at Y FM, they trusted me so much and let me interview American rapper Gunna and Masego in the span of a few months. That will always remain one of my icon moments at the station because it validated me." Besides radio, Lula wants to travel more this year and she plans to quit her solo DJ career for a duo. "Caddy and I are starting a DJ duo, but we will announce it in due course. So, as much as we won't be on the radio together, we are still retaining our professional and personal relationship," she added.

Lula Odiba and Fresh Caddy



Ten years ago, Lula job shadowed DJ Fresh at 5 FM and she is thrilled to be going back. "I went there for two days when I was in high school as part of Life Orientation," she said. "DJ Fresh happened to be the drive-time host at the time, he let me do the traffic report and gave me some advice, told me to practice in front of the mirror, join campus radio. Going to work there feels like I've gone full circle," she added.




She is the daughter of the late radio giant Eddie Zondi, who passed away 10 years ago. "There's something in the numbers 10 and five because my father passed away 10 years ago. I did my job shadowing on DJ Fresh's show 10 years ago as well and joined Y five years ago," Lula said. Although she was young when her dad passed, she still has great memories of him and his teachings. "I was 16 years old when he passed. The first time I told him I wanted to be a radio presenter, he asked who I looked up to and I said Bonang Matheba. He advised me that I need to work hard as it's not about the glitz and the glam, and only later did I realise he was right," she said. "The microphone is such a big responsibility. For me to be trusted in a platform like YFM and 5 FM has to be important." Lula said she inherited her dad's radio charm. "I think I have my dad's charm. How I speak to ladies and back announce songs. I have that thing in common with him and I just know it."

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