February 22, 2024

Bouncers ruffle DJ Bongz's feathers for 'unruly' behavior

DJ Bongz says he was "disrespected" and "humiliated" in front of his fans

Veteran DJ Bongz was kicked out of Liv Nightclub in Durban, KZN over the weekend for allegedly misbehaving. The popular DJ, whose real name is Bongani Dlamini, took to social media urging his fans not to be patrons at the club.


In a series of tweets, DJ Bongz expressed his frustration at being kicked out of the nightclub. He accused the club management of treating him unfairly, saying that he was "disrespected" and "humiliated" in front of his fans. He also warned his followers not to set foot in the club because of their violent nature. According to the source close to him, Bongz was hoping his tweet will spark a debate on social media, with his fans eventually boycotting the nightclub. "You know how people are, they will never boycott a nightclub because someone was kicked out," said the source.


According to sources close to the situation, Bongz was drunk and unruly until other patrons started complaining about his behaviour. "The club would never just kick out someone especially a famous person like him, he was unruly and hurling insults at people,". According to another source, "He eventually apologised and he is now allowed back in the club," adds one source.

The establishment did not respond to Bongz's tweets and attempts by ZiMoja to get a comment drew a blank. Called for comment, DJ Bongz, who is known for his popular house music tracks and has been a fixture in the South African music scene for over two decades,.said he did not want to talk about the issue anymore.

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