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November 08, 2023

Celebrities confront their demons during mental wellness workshop

BIMA founder Hloni Modise-Matau says dealing with her mental wellness issues inspires her to help others
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Tears, honesty, revelations, and confronting childhood trauma were the order of the day as stars, musicians, well-known celebrities, and those in the making gathered at Lesedi Hall at Joburg Theatre for the Basadi In Music Mental Wellness Day. This is a therapy session organised by the awards' CEO Hloni Modise-Matau for artists to tackle issues affecting their mental wellness as creatives.




The Basadi In Music Awards (BIMA) is the brainchild of seasoned publicist Hloni, who after years of managing events and publicity decided on an award ceremony that celebrates female talent and achievements in the music industry. The all-encompassing awards honour varied talents such as singers, rappers, DJs, composers, producers,and creatives in the music ecosystem. 




The Mental Wellness Day

 comes after the CEO faced her own struggles with mental health. Next year is the third annual awards, the last three years have taken a toll on her mental well-being and she wanted to share her healing and help others to heal. "This is one of the most important events in the BIMA calendar, leading up to the awards," Hloni says. "Mental health is something very close to my heart and throughout all the BIMA events, I've shared my story. Some people feel that oversharing is a sign of weakness, but this was important for me to speak about my mental health journey and how my healing can help others," Hloni says. "Modimo (God) makes you go through certain things so you can help others."




Last year, after a breakdown that landed her in hospital for two weeks, Hloni spent time healing and finding ways to be a better mom, better CEO, and better female contributor in the music industry. "I don't think when I landed in hospital last year, I would have realised that a mental workshop would be needed. The two weeks I spent at the hospital was so this moment can happen," she says. "I did a lot of exercises that I have taken to my home and they have made a difference and give me a sound mind. " Hloni says the music industry still has a long way to go and needs everyone to play their part. "Artists, managers, and everyone is dealing with a lot and facing traumas, and these sessions are to help shed the load."




During the mental wellness sessions, Hloni did exercises that helped stars confront their demons and traumas, speak to themselves, and tackle their own mental issues. "So, the next awards will be themed 'Girl In The Mirror' and will be heavily inspired on issues of mental wellness, how we speak to ourselves, what the voice in each one of our heads has to say," she concludes.


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