November 11, 2023

Bonang Matheba says she will never do a reality show again

Queen B says she is done with reality TV

After some drama on her reality show, businesswoman and media personality Bonang Matheba says she does not see herself doing reality TV again. The media personality was also on the reality showYoung, Famous and African, which she left after a short stint. At the time, speculation was rife that she left the show because of power struggles with fellow cast members. Bonang quickly set the record straight and said that she was only on the show as a guest.


Instead, she has decided to go back to her YouTube show, Bedazzled, which she says will be exclusively available for her supporters and followers. In a recent interview with ZiMoja, Bonang discussed her views on reality TV, her upcoming plans, and her personal life. Asked if she would ever do another reality TV show, Queen B said that she finds them a little limiting, and instead, she prefers working at her own pace and sharing what she wants, when she wants. "TV is demanding and I have other business interests to attend to," she said. Bonang has had her fair share fair hardship when it came to her reality show: Being Bonang. She once tweeted that her reality show wouldn't be aired until those who owed her paid her. This was after a public fight with her executive producer Legend Manqele. The TV star previously described working on Season 3 of her reality show as the worst experience of her working life.


Bonang emphasized that she makes an effort to share a lot of her work and behind-the-scenes action that most people don't get to see. With Bedazzled, viewers can expect an intimate look into Bonang's world through various projects and travels. She also talked about the drama she encountered with producers during her reality TV show and how having her own thing helped her control her narrative. She believes that consistency, a high level of professionalism and staying true to what she loves and what she's good at are the keys to success.


Bonang also shared a bit about the matters of the heart. When asked about her partner, she said, "My man, hahaha. We've been together for a few months now. He's my soulmate. My life supporter. I love him." She mentioned that she and her partner will be traveling for a well-deserved break. She says that 2023 has been an incredible year for her, with a new shoe collection with Steve Madden, hosting an awards show in Kigali and being on the cover of Glamour.

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