January 16, 2024

Black Brain Pictures gets backlash for "ill-treating" actors at auditions

Actors say they regret attending Black Brain Pictures auditions
Picture: Supplied

Thousands of hopefuls recently came out to audition at the Black Brain Pictures open-call auditions at the BAT Centre in Durban. While many left smiling from ear to ear, some were disappointed by the treatment of the company. People took to social media to raise concerns about the treatment at the auditions.



Blogger and actor Sphesihle Hadebe put the production said many people wasted their time by attending. "It's heartbreaking when a renowned producer ohlonishwa kanje ngomsebenzi wakhe (respected for his work) then his team decides to treat people like trash," Sphesihle said. "It's a norm now when Black Brain hosts auditions, abantu bazophuma bekhala (people leave crying). I know some of you will defend them, while you didn't experience what happened."Sphesihle explained, adding that over 2000 people filled up BAT Centre only to be told 'next' before they could even 'open their mouths'. He also accused Skeem Saam actress Nompilo Mwelase of being rude and impatient to people. "Like really, why did you call people to audition, to stand in long queues and not give them a chance to audition? There were even old women who came to audition," said Sphesihle.

Sphesihle said people were not treated fairly and that celebrities were given preferential treatment. He further said the celebs who were there did not even queue like everyone else. Upon arrival, they entered, auditioned and left within five minutes, he said. He added that this was not the first-time people were not treated fairly. "Stop inviting people to audition and treat them like trash."




Black Brain Pictures publicist Nyiko 'The Great' Bilankulu said they have been attending to the concerns. "We have heard everyone's grievances and we are looking at resolving the concerns. We try by all means to treat everyone equally and with respect as artists and the concerns do not go unnoticed. Black Brain is all about creating equal opportunities for everyone without prejudice."  


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