July 06, 2023

#BBTitans winner taking legal action against former housemate

Nelisa says Khosi is out for blood
Pictures: Instagram

Her win was celebrated across the African continent. She was a fan favourite at the Big Brother Titans (BBTitans) house, and many said she united Nigeria and South Africa in the competition. However, Makhosazane "Khosi" Twala, fondly known as King Khosi’s win has come with a bit of controversy despite her having a loyal fanbase.




A month ago, Khosi disclosed in an interview with TV3 Ghana that even months after the show, she and her fellow housemates had not received their prize money and rewards which includes her $100,000 cash prize from the show organizers." Khosi has also revealed to ZiMoja that she has sought legal advice and will be pursuing a case against Durban-based former Big Brother Titans housemate, Nelisa Msila who has implied that Khosi is trying to kill her family. This comes after Nelisa accused Khosi on social media of sending inkabi to her sisters and dad. "You won the show, leave me the F alone. I’m begging at this point, please leave me and my friends and family alone Khosi. I’ve been bottling shit up, they said don’t talk because she won so it comes off as jealous. I asked one question. Why is she coming after me when I left week seven," Nelisa says. "You begged them to post you on YouTube. And "they" said no because of me so you decided to go after my family? Bi*ch, please. Nami I know inkabi we will shoot each other tsek." When asked what this was about, Nelisa says. "She sent inkabi (hitmen) to both my sisters and my dad," Nelisa writes. "They sent the message with the address to me. You know I’m in Durban. Come to me straight, and we’ll sort this out. Now she’s not answering my messages because I took screenshots and reported her to the police," Nelisa adds. "This is not a Joke, inkabi kill everyone who’s in there, they don’t care. They’re killers by nature. If you’re coming for me, kill me. Don’t bring my family," Nelisa says.




Khosi tells ZiMoja that she is deeply hurt by the allegations. "Why would she say such a thing? Why would someone make up something of the sort." Khosi thought she could push the allegations under the carpet but feels she needs to address the matter before it hits the court. "I thought she wanted to get attention and chase clout. But I didn’t realise the magnitude of her action," Khosi adds. "But after seeing the thread, I need to speak and take legal action. It is mean and she is not telling the truth." She has consulted with her lawyers for legal advice. "I wanted to speak to her to find out what led her to do such a thing. But I realised, that taking the legal route would make more sense." When quizzed about their "relationship" Khosi says they are not close. "I met her at the show. I did not know her. We are friends on social media and that is where it ends."



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