June 20, 2023

Another artist on his way out of Ambitiouz Entertainment

S’Villa is currently in talks with his legal team
Picture: Supplied

It is one of the most talked about recording label in the country. In the last nine years since its existence, they have signed over 30 artists and changed the lives of young, talented and aspiring artists. With the great work, they have done to make a solid impact in the South African music industry, they have also made friends and foes. Since founded by businessman Kgosi Mahumapelo in 2015, Ambitiouz Entertainment has lost over 14 artists to date, who mostly left disgruntled. Some of the artists who have left the label include Fifi Cooper, Amanda Black, Emtee, B3nchmarq and most recently, singer and producer S’Villa, real name Sicelo Ngwenya.



S’Villa says he is in the process of leaving the label and he has communicated this to management. "I have a legal team that has taken on the case," he tells ZiMoja. "I have submitted my contract for them to have a look at and then we’re going to court. I haven’t officially left the crooked place but I’ve made it clear to them that I’m leaving," he adds. S’Villa says the label has asked him to pay back every penny they spent in making his career. "The guy said I must pay him every penny he invested in my me," he says. "I requested a statement which they sent. So, that’s also going to be looked into as well because it’s very questionable." 



The Jehovah singer says he has been with Ambitiouz for six years. "I signed with them in 2017. In those six years, I released six songs and two music videos. I don’t know why they are still keeping me there because the contract expired in 2021. But they are using some clause that says they can extend it ,which they did for another four years," he says. "That is what I am arguing. Why are they keeping me there, if they are not releasing my music? They were supposed to release three albums between 2017 and 2021. The contract expired before they released a single album or even an EP. That is what I will be arguing in court. They wasted both my time and theirs. So, I just want to cut ties and go about my business."



This happens a week after Ambitiouz lost the court battle against Blaq Diamond, after they had filed an urgent court application against the label for taking down their music from digital platforms following a fallout. Before that, ZiMoja reported that Ambitiouz Entertainment was at war with their former artist and Lesotho-born rapper Malome Vector, real name Bokang Malule over a song titled Ya Costa. Malome Vector is now taking Ambitiouz Entertainment to court over his clearance. He dumped Ambitiouz following the exit of award-winning group Blaq Diamond and Intaba Yase Dubai. The beef between Malome Vector and Ambitiouz came alive when he dropped a single titled Ya Costa and Ambitiouz also released the same song and claimed it as their own. Malome left because he felt neglected and not recognised by the company as they kept fighting Intaba YaseDubai and Blaq Diamond. The company also lost Saudi, B3ncmarq, Miss Pru, City Lyts, Amanda Black, Lunatic Beat, Sjava, and Fifi Cooper to name a few. Ambitiouz Entertainment’s label boss has not been available for comment.


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