June 02, 2023

Actress fighting for her life after suffering a stroke

Hlamalani Mavasa is in ICU
Picture: Supplied

She was one of the leading actresses that bagged a role in Giyani - Land of Blood in 2019. But in the last few years, she has been through a lot; suffered from depression and lost a baby. Now, the family of actress Hlamalani Mavasa has informed ZiMoja that the actress has gone into extreme depression, which has led to a stroke. 



The family announced in a statement that she is fighting for her life in ICU. "It is with extreme sadness that we acknowledge the sickness of our beloved daughter," the Mavasa family says. "The actress, professionally known for playing the character of Matimba on Giyani- Land Of Blood suffered a stroke while alone in the house at midnight on Monday. The stroke affected her ability to speak, write and read."



Her family says that Hlamalani is a breadwinner and this has taken a toll on her. "The reason for the stroke is stress caused by the ex-partner. She suffered from depression and stress alone without sharing with anyone. We kindly ask your prayers and your support at this difficult time as a family.” Hlamalani’s sister, Tintswalo Mavasa says that her ex-partner abused her during her pregnancy. �"During her pregnancy, she went through a lot with her partner. He used to physically abuse her and there’s proof of that,” she says. �"She gave birth to his child. Everything was fine, and I even registered the baby with his surname. After a few weeks, he claimed that the baby wasn’t his. He asked for the baby’s DNA and it came back 99.9%. Her baby is now two months old. Her health is bad because of him,” she concludes.






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