March 28, 2024

Actress Khanya Mkhangisa is engaged

Khaya Mkhangisa is engaged

It is happiness galore for actress and new mother Khanya Mkhangisa, who recently broke the internet when she announced her pregnancy and the subsequent birth of her son. It turns out that the actress was not only been hiding the bun in the oven, but she has also been hiding the fact that she is engaged to get married to her partner and the father of her son, Desmond Williams.


According to sources close to the couple, the first-time parents are engaged and ready to take their relationship to another level. ZiMoja sources revealed that Mkhangisa's man went down on one knee to propose to her recently. The engagement happened at a private and intimate set up. A source close to the situation says the couple is now focusing on their newborn and enjoying each and every moment. "I think they are aiming for summer wedding but knowing how cagey this couple is, they can go to Home Affairs and just announce that they married," the source joked. The source said Mkhangisa is not rushing to get back to the gym as she is still embracing motherhood. "Remember this is her first child and she waited for long to have this baby. She is enjoying breast feeding and bonding with her baby. She is enjoying this moment," adds the source. 



Mkhangisa gave birth to her first child in February. The actress revealed the news in an interview saying she and her partner are proud parents of a baby boy. She was quoted saying that she waited so long to have a child and the last thing was regret. She also explained that she is now fulfilled, and her life has a purpose and her life has meaning with something that money can't buy, which is happiness and love for her newborn. Called for comment the new mama declined to comment. "I have nothing to share at the moment." 

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