February 22, 2024

Department of Education removes teacher from school after he was allegedly found with drugs

Parents protested outside Thaba Secondary School demanding the removal of a teacher accused of selling drugs
Photo:Qonda Mfundi

A teacher who was allegedly found with a bag full of drugs inside school premises has been removed from the school after community outcry. Parents and community organisations picketed outside Thoko Thaba Secondary School in Thokoza, Ekurhuleni, last week demanding the removal of a teacher accused of selling drugs at the school.


On Wednesday 14 February 2024, the teacher was allegedly found in possession of drugs when a school search conducted by a community organisation called Qonda Mfundi. The police were called into the school and the educator was arrested. The said teacher has since appeared in court and released on bail, however he reported for duty on Monday and yesterday. This prompted a protest from parents and community organisations who demanded that he be removed from the school. Parents threatened to shut down the school if the teacher was not removed.

Qonda Mfundi is an organization that work with schools around Ekurhuleni to conduct searches for illegal substances and weapons. The organisation chairperson Celi Xaba said they were informed that there was a school teacher who was working with some learners in his drugs operation. "The search was conducted and the drugs were found inside his bag. While we appreciate the involvement of the department of education, we still don't want him back at the school. We want to make sure that his drugs operation does not continue here in this school," he said.

A parent who did not want to be named told ZiMoja that the community and parents are angry that the teacher arrested on drug possession is back in class. "The teacher was found with the drugs on school premises. We demand that he be removed because he is killing our children with drugs," the parent said.


MEC for Education in Gauteng Matome Chiloane expressed disappointment at what has happened at the school. "We are concerned that this matter was not reported to the department by the school management in a timely manner which has led to the planned protest by the community which took place today. As such the department has launched an investigation and the educator has been removed from the school as a precaution," Chiloane said. He condemned the teacher's conduct and said as the department, they will be acting against it accordingly. "We also plead with the community to allow this matter to be handled by the department and relevant law enforcement authorities for appropriate resolution," said Chiloane.

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