May 18, 2024

"Bigger things are coming"

Luyanda Zwane on life after Sibongile And The Dlamini's

Actress Luyanda Zwane (21) announced her departure on the soapie, Sibongile And The Dlamini's. She tells ZiMoja the reason for leaving the show is personal but she completed her season one obligation. "I chose not to renew my contract for season two after completing my season one obligations," she said without going into detail.


While many people await to find out who will be replacing the leading role, ZiMoja has learned of the "real reasons behind Luyanda's exit." She was reported to have been unhappy with some of the decisions made by production. An insider revealed that she was allegedly "tough to work with, and people had to navigate around her," the insider states. "She is a young, beautiful and very talented girl, but she just needs to work on her attitude going forward. There were many complaints from actors on the set and how rude she was." Luyanda says people will always talk and have opinions, she does not recall a single time she was a drama queen. "People will always have opinions on how they experience you. I have never heard anyone on any set complain about me being a drama queen," she says. "Those who know me, know how I am. I don't pay too much attention to negativity. Everyone experiences people differently."


The source also revealed that the 20-year-old actress is also dating fellow actor Zenzelisphesihle Xulu. "They make a lovely couple, very cute," the insider reveals. Zenzelisphesihle (32) is from Pietermaritzburg and starred in shows such as The Herd and Mfolozi Street. Luyanda says that is all in the past as the two have broken up. "We broke up, unfortunately- It happens. I still believe in love though," she says. "People break up all the time. I hope to find someone one day. I can't say much about what happened." Luyanda says that everything that's happened has just been part of the journey but she is in a good place and working on a big modelling campaign. "I have something major coming up in the modelling space that I am excited about. We can forget about all the negativity. Bigger things are coming," she says. 

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