February 12, 2024

Videographer disappears with singer's music video footage...days before release

Lady X is ready to drop her music video for the song Dali Wami
Picture: Lady X

She is left with a few days before the release of her music video but singer, songwriter and sangoma, Xolisa "Lady X" Mvula, is angry after videographer, Dylan Bhebhe of Dylan Films has allegedly vanished with her video and is untraceable. Lady X has released her single, Dali Wami on streaming platforms.




Lady X tells ZiMoja that she spent over nine hours shooting the music video and spent thousands of Rands on wardrobe, make-up and planning for her videographer to go AWOL. She says he has been untraceable and ignoring her messages for days. "At first, he promised to deliver the music video but he has since started ignoring my messages and calls," Lady X says. "This has affected my relationship with my distribution because they have been waiting for two weeks. This seems like a small issue but this is going to cost me thousands of Rands and badly affect my business."




Lady X feels used. "He asked to shoot my video as a passion project. I even gave him money to feed himself and his girlfriend because he was broke and homeless," she says. "When we were done shooting, I drove him around and dropped him off at his next shoot. He was clearly trying to use my name for his catalogue." Lady X is threatening to go the extra mile to get what she needs.


Lady X says she does not want to expose some of Dylan's "shady dealings" because she cares for him. "We worked well together and his girlfriend was helpful on set, but this is starting to affect my business," she says. "I don't want to play dirty and expose his dirty dealings outside of the videography business. But if he pushes me, I will speak." When ZiMoja phoned Dylan regarding the matter, he said he was still busy with her project. "I'm still busy, why is she being a stalker," before hanging up the call.

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